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Dear business partners,

what about 2021 anyway? Only few positive facts to be reported besides growing frustration and daily reduced confidence. And the longer uncertanty about tomorrow is lasting the stronger growing parts of our society choose to return to their private lives.

While parts of the economy do not know how to fullfill orders set already due to absence of foucused personal or interupted delivery chains, on the other hand complete other economic sectors have been totaly run down. And facing the fourth, perhaps fith wave of a the pandemic infecting Sars-Covid 19 and its Omikron variety, it takes some maximum of optimism to believe that in 2022 there might be some kind of return to the old life. What ever that my be.

And in my believe against this loss of optimism we will have with our maximum ability try to contribute at any level to support our clients, accompanied by our suppliers and service partners, to gain in favour of this objective. As we are convinced to share a very small part of a brighter future in 2022.

Having said this I would like to give my best regards to the members of your company, your families and loved ones to the forthcoming X-Mas holidays  and have a, whenever perhaps reduced New Years eve and an optimistic and under all successfull year 2022.

With opimistic regards
Rolf Lindlar

Bielefeld, December 2021



Summertime – holiday time

2021st first half has passed by and honestly it has been six months of ups and downs. Time enough to take a deep breeze of fresh air and return strengthened back to work for the second half of the year that hopefully will turn out to be better.

From Monday, July 5th, to Friday, July 16th,
we will be on company holiday.
Re-starting on Monday, July 19th,
we will be service-ready for our partners again.

During the period of company holiday e-mails will be checked sporadicly which may cause some delay in responding. In urgent cases please call Rolf Lindlar on +49 5 21 9 42 83 19.

Have a bright summer time all together – and stay safe.


NEW rental material

A few months ago we added sets of manual chain hoists to our rental division. Each set has 4 chain hoists with a lifting height of 8m and 1.000 kg payload. For transport these items are stored in a flightcase for easy handling. In case lower payload is requested there is one set of 4 chain hoists with 500 kg and 8 m chain as well.